Max has had a successful tennis career, having been the captain of the British Junior team back in the 60s, and a semi-finalist at Junior Wimbledon around the same time.


More recently, he has represented the British Seniors Team, and the Queen’s Club in various international tournaments.

While in the corporate world, Max instigated a sponsorship scheme aimed at developing talented young British tennis players, with Roger Taylor appointed as Head Coach. Unfortunately, the scheme only met with moderate success, with the most promising product being former British number one Sara Gomer.

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  1. Max I came upon your website by accident I am sure you do not remember me, but I played against you at North of England tournament all those years ago.Occasionally I bump into Paul Hutchins here in Miami,who I played in the same tournament,and although I thought I gave him a good match he could not remember playing me !!! Used to play Club Doubles at Broxbourne with Richard Lewis,and went to school in Preston with Peter Bretherton,both of whom are are doing so well.I went From Exeter University to University of Oregon,and have been a Tennis Professional in Miami. I have been fortunate enough to have many Wimbledon,and Grand Slam players, but unfortunately no superstars. Glad to hear you are still playing so well and representing G.B. Best wishes, michael melanefy

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