Max is the former Chairman of Film Finances Inc., the leading completion bond company in the film industry.


Film Finances was founded in 1950 for the purpose of giving guarantees of completion to financiers of motion pictures. At the time, producers of motion pictures were finding it increasingly difficult to borrow money from banks because the producers could not show how budget overages, if any, could be met. The original founders of the company were film producers who had learned that mortgaging all they owned against potential budget overages was not a sound proposition. Film Finances was therefore formed to provide financiers with a service that gave them the assurance that the film would be delivered on time and that the over budget costs would not be the financier’s responsibility.

During his time at Film Finances, the company was involved in the making of films such as Platoon, Rainman and The Last Emperor.

More recently, Max set up Groucho Entertainment specifically to develop three movie concepts that had caught his eye. The first, “The Baker’s Dozen”, is a true story of love and suffering in war-torn Ukraine that led to Dynamo Kiev’s infamous “Game of Death”, written by Rob Isted and planned to be shot in 2010.

Run for New York” is the forgotten story of English commander Nathan Courthope, whose heroic stand against the Dutch on a tiny spice island in the East Indies helped to reshape history, and ultimately led to the founding of New York.

The third project being planned is “The Right To Know”, a courtroom drama of David and Goliath proportions, with an ordinary couple standing up for their rights in the face of corporate negligence and legal power.

Groucho Entertainment Limited