Our clinical procedures focus on the use of autologous cell-free injectable lysates and conditioned media, derived from regulatory authority compliant adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells, as a safer (autologous) form of cell therapy.

Integrative Medicine is invaluable in a modern health care system. Stemming from the theory that no one system has the complete answer to any medical problem, integrative medicine effectively combines and integrates the principles of conventional and complementary medicines.

 A review of the pre-clinical and clinical literature shows an extensive body of published literature reporting evidence for cell-free stem cell derived extracts as a safe, minimally invasive and efficacious therapeutic. Further, many laboratories including our own now show such cell free injections to show the same efficacy as intact stem cell therapy with less risk to the patient as no intact cells are transplanted. The approach has been widely used and stimulates repair and regeneration in a wide range of soft and hard tissue organs.

The company is focused on two immediate term services, the facility to offer adults the opportunity to store their own stem cells for future use in the event of accident or disease. Secondly, to offer clinical therapy using autologous ADMSC generated cell free therapeutics at our clinic.